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Poster: Chris Korda Date: Jul 17, 2012 7:31pm
Forum: faqs Subject: Uploading an entire album - one file or many?


I would like to upload an album of my own music. What's the recommended procedure? Should I rip the album to a single WAV file (using Exact Audio Copy), and somehow include the EAC log so that people can recreate the track IDs if they want? Or should I rip the album to one file per track?

Audiophiles seem to prefer the single file method, e.g. many of the FLACs on P2P sites are ripped this way. I'm not sure why but perhaps the advantage is that you can easily create an ISO and burn a disc with the correct track spacing. However one file per track would seem to be more convenient for people who are streaming, or who just want to download individual songs and not the whole album.

My preference is to do whatever will best preserve the entire album as a cohesive work, not necessarily what's convenient for streaming or browsing.

Also: if the recommendation is one file per track, how does one arrange it so that all the tracks appear on the same page? I have seen pages like this on IA but I can't find any FAQ on how to do it.

Best regards,

Chris Korda